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Smartwork but make it fashion

The 3 golden rules to satisfyingly work at home and re-discover the pleasure of some me-time.


Don't dress as you feel, dress as you WISH to feel

Decades of research have shown how the clothes you wear can influence your attitude (I would say Miranda Priestley as well!), hence, in times of covid-19 and smartworking days, this is an outfit golden rule we should all remember. The call it embodied cognition.

Here some hints on the best smartworking outfits, comfy and feminine looks to cheer you up!

Get some good vibes from a cozy outfit to rock at home or during some good Christmas shopping trip (on-line of course, stay safe!).


Enjoy time, deeply and silently.

One of the most searched word on Google in 2020 is “what to do at home during lockdown” and the second one is “how to enjoy time at home during lockdown”. They might seem, at first glance, very similar questions, but at a deeper look they define a way different need and kind of people.

While the first clutters a need of “filling the time”, the second one reveals the need of self-discovery “through” the precious time we are asked to spend at home, with our loved ones and most importantly with ourselves.

That’s why, regardless if we are asked to or want to spend time at home, it is precious to remember to take time for ourself.

Borrowing some meaningful insights from PNL (the science which studies how words and behaviors impact our life) here are some suggestions to follow if you want to discover how to reconnect and enjoy the time with your self!

  • Enjoy a skincare ritual and read something inspiring (you’ll immediately feel loved)
  • Drink hot tea, herbal infusion or a tall coffee (keeping in your hands something hot relaxes your brain)
  • Listen to music, carefully. Dedicating time to the profound listening of music we like helps the release of dopamine, the neuro trasmitter of pleasure.


Who said cozy is not sexy?

We are HUGE fans of the #cozybutnice hashtag, so that when we discovered it we decided to design an entire collection! Well, it didn’t exactly go like this, but it gives you a hint 🙂

We actually had been asking ourselves for a long time how to merge lingerie with knitwear, and discover the pleasure of wear a cozy outfit without the guilt of looking shabby.

Designing a collection of cozy but sexy outfits is not easy stuff, but being proud of wearing a cozy but chic loungewear outfit is something every girl should experience.

If then you can also play and match the pieces to create a stylish smartworking outfit, then BOOM! YOU GOT IT!


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Smartwork but make it fashion

Smartwork but make it fashion

The 3 golden rules to satisfyingly work at home and re-discover the pleasure of some me-time. RULE #1 Don’t dress as you feel, dress as

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