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Kinda 3D Swimwear #1 independent Italian fashion brand chosen by ELLE


VOGUE: The best black swimsuits for summer 2020.

Total black and sequins: Etoile onepiece by Kinda 3D Swimwear.

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10 independent Italian fashion brands not to miss:

#1 Kinda 3D Swimwear

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Today we put under the lens the hypothesis that the future of the wedding dress is in a wedding swimsuit or a white one-piece swimsuit with a cascade of ruffles like shoulder straps, minimalist hips, very wide neckline on the back. The inspirational brand? Kinda 3D Swimwear, a young Italian swimwear company creating swimsuits with elegant 3D decorations. P.S. They are also perfect as bodysuits!

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For women… in bloom. 100% made in Italy Blossomy bikini features handmade tulle petals. Kinda 3D Swimwear.


Chiara Ferragni sets V.I.P. rules: the one piece is cool!
Italian TV Presenter Ana Laura Ribas chooses a black onepiece with 3D lace by Kinda 3D Swimwear.

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TV presenter Elisa Isoardi wering Reìna black one piece by Kinda 3D Swimwear for the editorial on Gente magazine dedicated to her summer essentials.


Kinda 3D Swimwear: emotions in 3D

Artisanal excellence, romance and eclectic, enriched by sartorial embellishments made with a particular three-dimensional sewing technique.


Italian singer Bianca Atzei chooses Vanilla red one piece by Kinda 3D Swimwear for her Madagascar trip.

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Kinda 3D Swimwear: Music & Nature

Music and nature are the pillars of Kinda 3D Swimwear, and in S/ S 2020 collection they confirm their role, taking over desert nuances and stars and stripes festive tones.

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