Boho grey two pieces bikini with 3D ruffles


Boho is our Kinda tropical-chic two pieces bikini, embellished with tulle 3D ruffles, 100% handmade in Italy. It is the perfect combination of the most delicate fabrics with 3D colorful decorations, for girls with a tropical attitude!
How do you feel today?

ABOUT Boho grey two pieces bikini with 3D ruffles

3D tulle ruffles

To create Boho bikini we’ve started from the softest elastic tulle and folded it by hand, until we reached the perfect waves. We then added our 3D tulle ruffles to our two-pieces bikini, in order to give it the tropical attitude it was designed for.

We selected the softest tulle fabrics, only made in Italy, to give you the smoothest experience when wearing our swimsuits.

We use only 100% made in Italy microfiber, because we believe that quality makes the difference. We have a strict quality control process on fabrics, from selection to production, which allow us to craft high-end female swimwear and bodywear.

We have chosen 100% italian elastic fabric suppliers to ensure consistency and accuracy in production, and guarantee you receive products that meet (and often exceed) your expectations.

We put only the best in our Kinda closet, don’t you?

ABOUT Boho grey two pieces bikini with 3D ruffles

Italian microfiber

100% Italian

No doubt everything here is made in Italy with the finest italian fabrics and the highest italian knowledge.


Our swimsuits are handmade by expert and patient tailors, ensuring each piece is unique.

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