Grace 3D mesh one-piece

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This handmade 3D tulle swimsuit is our signature one-piece, to be worn at the beach by day or as a bodysuit paired with a jeans for your cocktails under the moon.

3D tulle ruffles

Handmade following the ancient handsewing technique of "Fabric Manipulation"

Grace is a tribute to music and nature: Jeff Buckley’s song inspired us the personality, the style and the name of this one-piece, while nature put its romantic touch on the shoulders of this glamorous swimsuit with the softest tulle ruffles. Touch to believe.

Brick Red microfiber

The colour of love, but better.

The microfiber we chose to create Grace is the softest touch you’ll ever wear on your skin. Why microfiber? Because it’s delicate on the skin, dries faster and it’s durable!

Mat microfiber

In a double layer, so your swimsuit it's no see-through


The 3D mesh ruffles of your swimsuits are handmade by patient tailors.

Second skin

Super soft microfiber for the perfect comfy and feminine fit as you were naked.




Brick, Rose, Yellow

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