Kinda X L’Officiel Russia

Kinda X L'Officiel Russia


In honour of L’Officiel 100 years of anniversary, we have made a collaboration. Within it you have created a swimsuit model called “Grace”. Why have you chosen this name for it? 


Its name comes from the Jeff Buckley namesake song and album “Grace”. It’s one of the most touching rock songs of all times and the swimsuit itself has become a pillar of Kinda 3D Swimwear, as its tridimensional handmade tulle shoulders made it really outstanding and powerful and hence meaningful to our Kinda girls. That’s why it has become our bestseller. It’s a swimsuit you can wear with skirts, shirts or trousers. We have girls who have worn it at weddings! 

Where do you draw inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from music, I’m a collector of vinyl. I love to feel, touch and smell the music: I come back home at night, put on a vinyl and start drawing. I really let the music guide the personality of my creations and, if you take a closer look at my swimsuits, you’ll notice that each one of them is named after a song, a title or a group. I love it because I think that sharing with my Kinda girls the song that inspired the bikini they bought is something magical.

What can you wish for L’Officiel Russia?

First, I hope that your readers will like the swimwear pieces that we created together!

Moreover, I wish that the partnership between L’Officiel Russia and Kinda 3D Swimwear brings to the fashion world the message that a strong connection between the press and young fashion labels like us is not only possible, but possible internationally!

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