Hairdo trends: the chignon takes it all

Chignon vintage facile easy chignon facile con frangetta laterale easy hairdo

Hairdo trends: the chignon takes it all

Messy bun, chignon with bangs, for very long (or very short) hair, soft, low, high, embellished with a bow or as a bridal hairdo.

The chignon is the easy hairstyle par excellence. Loved by everyone, it can transform an eeezy look into a super glamorous evening outfit!

Here are some examples of easy-to-make buns for all hair types. You’ll lose your mind!

#1 Bun & Bangs

Absolutely YES!

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Bangs yes or bangs no? Absolutely yes! Whether you have already cut it or are undecided whether to cut it or not, know that if you choose to put your hair in a bun, bangs will be your most precious ally!

In fact, all types of hair bangs can be easily combined with a chignon, in an irresistible way!

The curtain or light bang is perfect for a low chignon, perhaps with loose hair braided on the sides, while longer bangs on the sides are ideal for a fresh but composed look in combination with a high and soft chignon.

Tip: Pair your hair bun with a large velvet headband for an understated and slightly retro evening look.

chignon basso frangetta laterale

Zoe Saldana’s low chignon with wavy side bangs.

chignon alto kendall jenner chignon kim kardashian

Kendall Jenner’s high bun with open side bangs

#2 Messy bun

It is the perfect look to go to work, for smart working and even for an important dinner.

chignon spettinato chiara ferragni

We all agree that putting your hair in a bun is a winning move. And it can be on any occasion!

The chignon (or bun) is an easy, practical and extremely feminine hairdo. That’s why choosing it can prove to be our best ally always, but S E M P R E!

And you don’t need to have long hair. We at Kinda love the chignon in all its versions: in the photo above, we made a messy bun on a model with short and very light hair. The result is fresh and undemanding, unless you decide to opt for flashy earrings or a decidedly sexy red lipstick!

zendaya messy bun top knot airdo

Zendaya high and utterly messy bun

A messy bun is perfect to tame curly hair

#3 Vintage chignon

Ideal for giving the look a sophisticated and chic accent

Chignon vintage facile

When the help comes from the past!

Actresses and nobility, icons of a past that never goes out of fashion, and above all help and noble example of how to collect hair in a low chignon is sometimes simply the best solution.

For the shooting of the Kinda S/S 2020 “California Dreaming” collection we chose to use style buns with soft and low braids, with a retro taste, but also very (very) Coachella!

In general, yes to twists, waves and braids!

chignon camila coelho hairdo hair color

Camila Coelho Greek’s chignon

Taylor Swift’s low braided bun with side waves

#4 Chignon & embellishments

From sushi chopsticks to huge bows, all the accessories to decorate your bun

chignon vintage capelli raccolti con accessori

There are those who use sushi chopsticks to embellish the chignon and those, like Charlize Theron, which opt for headbands and bows, for a glamorous and sophisticated look.

Embellishing the chignon with bright accessories or bows, or adding a touch of light thanks to headbands, ribbon, clasps and pendant earrings is a very feminine and chic choice. Does Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s tell you something?

chignon facile con fiocco chignon easy hairdo

Bows and accessories give a glamorous touch to your bun

A low chignon with a rhinestone headband is a perfect evening choice

#5 Bridal bun

From Chiara Ferragni to Meghan Markle, the bridal chignon is practical, elegant and irresistible

hairdo chiara ferragni chignon matrimonio chiara ferragni chignon da sposa wedding hairdo

Future brides from all over the world unite! Princesses and bride to be, if you have not yet chosen your wedding hairstyle, your time has come.

Veil or no veil, there are some fundamental rules that the 2021 bridal hairstyles suggest to us, and they do it out loud!

Collected hair and chignon are undoubtedly in the top 3: so let us be inspired by two of the most famous, chic and beautiful brides ever.

Chiara Ferragni’s wedding hairstyle is an example of how even on your wedding day you can find the perfect compromise between comfort and elegance. Chiara chose to collect her hair in a low chignon, gathered in a simple as well as effective torchon and to combine it with a long and soft fringe open at the sides. A pair of small earrings to complete the most soap and water bridal look ever.

Meghan Markle dares (give us the license) a little more, and chooses a bridal hairstyle gathered in a chignon around a bun, low and soft, combined with a long veil and a tiara (of diamonds ca va sans dire).

Same year (it was 2018) and very similar lace and tulle wedding dresses (give us this thought aloud too), but what are the 2021 wedding dress trends?

Well, see ya in the next post!

chignon chiara ferragni matrimonio wedding hairdo

The low bun Chiara Ferragni has chosen for her wedding with Fedez

Meghan Markle low chignon embellished with a tiara, tres chic!

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