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Body positive. Positive body.

Body positive. Positive body.

Swimsuits that love (and celebrate) curves

In between lingerie and swimwear

There's the freedom to be beautiful, beyond definitions.

When we decided to write this post we wanted it to be an ode to the freedom of all women. Freedom to dream, to shine, but above all freedom to be beautiful, beyond definitions. Because freedom exists only where there are no definitions.

The only rule is there are no rules

Curvy or shaping swimwear

Who said we have to choose?

When was it decided and by whom that a swimsuit could not also be worn as a body or under a jacket? And who exactly has decided that an only swimsuits cannot fit different bodies, but must instead be labeled according to certain schemes?

Nobody did. None at all.

There’s a new collection in town, which is a celebration of softness, support (without underwires) and perfect fit that you will never want to stop wearing it.

How? Exactly as you want to: at the beach, at the spa, under a jacket or as lingerie! So goodbye schemes, welcome Les Nudes.

Discover with us this new Kinda 3D Swimwear collection, which is a tribute to the freedom of all women.

Lush Bikini

Let's see it at the microscope

Lush. The shimmering lycra bikini with high-cut bottom (and a beautiful thigh side), with an adjustable fit. To follow you in all your movements, so that you are free to think only of being yourself.



We know how important it is to find the right bikini bottom, with the right height and also a bikini top that supports both small and large breasts.

Lush bikini has the bottom with the waist at the right height to hug you softly and embrace your curves, whatever they are.

The bra instead has a soft (but efficient) elastic band under the breast to support even big sizes. It comes with pre-shaped removable cups, so you are free to show just what you want to. You can also wear it as underwear.


The overlapping side design of this bikini bottom gives you the freedom to wear it exactly how you like it: high-waisted or with a regular waist so that the soft elastic belt hugs your waist without marking it.

You choose how to wear it, it follows you!

The cups of the triangle bra, on the other hand, extend to embrace you even laterally on the bust, so your breasts will be well supported and your profile is elegant.



Brazilian bikini bottom? High-leg bottom? No see-through bottom? Shaping bikini bottom? No. This bottom has no definitions as it is exactly how you want it to be.

You can wear the Lush bikini bottom high-waisted to get a comfortable brazilian back and an incredible tan. Or wear it with a regular waist and cover up everything you don’t want to show.

The overlapping side moves with you and allows you to give the coverage you want to this incredible bikini bottom!

The bikini top has an elastic band to support your bra and hook + magnetic closure on the back, so that the only thing you have to think about is having fun.

Life one-piece

Let's see it at the microscope

Life. The one-piece swimsuit in shaping shimmering lycra. Invisible internal band and pre-shaped cups to embrace and support your breasts. Adjustable straps to fit your height.



First of all, calling it a swimsuit is an understatement. In fact, this one-piece can also be worn as a bodysuit, it is slightly modeling and supports any type of breast.

It has a high leg but the bottom is not a brazilian cut, it has good coverage while keeping it a high leg leotard. It can be worn as lingerie and is not see-through, even when wet.


This leotard (or swimsuit) has a high leg, but your butt is covered! Magic? No, sartorial mastery, that of our wonderful tailors, who have been able to make this modeling one-piece swimsuit, perfect for all kind of bodies because the fit is modular!

In addition, “Life” has adjustable straps and removable bra cups. Wear it however you like, it will adapt to you.


Naked. Nudes. Nudi.

A unique color palette, made of warm earthy tomes and nude shades. A bright lycra collection because you deserve to shine, always.







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Les Nudes. You deserve to shine.

Silky soft shimmering lycra, modular fit and removable bra cups. We love (your) curves and we love to enhance them.


Shimmering lycra

Silky soft and shiny, 'cause you deserve to shine.

Oil & Cream Resistant

The only thing you'll have to think about is having fun.

Bra pads

Removable pra pads to support your breast are available in both one-piece and bikini.


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Body positive. Positive body.

Body positive. Positive body. Swimsuits that love (and celebrate) curves In between lingerie and swimwear There’s the freedom to be beautiful, beyond definitions. When we

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