Beach Bride Collection

Find the perfect bride to be swimsuit for your beach wedding or the chichest white bikini for your bachelorette party.

Choose the bridal swimwear of your dreams and don’t forget to bring your white swimsuit to your honeymoon!


Reìna beach bride swimsuit collection

The only woman I want to be is the best version of myself.


Reìna White was born when the smoothest italian microfiber met the finest 3D lace embroidery.

It is the most loved white swimsuit by brides from all over the world as it is elegant and perfect both for beach wedding and bachelorette party.

Match it with Reìna Black swimsuit for the most glamourous bride squad ever! Some brides chose Reìna as a gift for bridesmaids!

100% made in Italy, it is the most elegant and feminine one piece swimsuit you will ever wear before, during, or after your wedding!

If it's a bride to be swimsuit, it's Reìna.


Grace White is a one piece swimsuit born to enhance the beauty of every bride. It is seamless and silky smooth and features delicate tulle ruffles on the shoulders. The soft-microfiber V shape is designed to enhance every body.

It is also available in black and pink, for the chichest bachelorette party team!

Did you say Beach Wedding?


White Vanilla is the white swimsuit designed for brides who love delicate details but with a strong personality.

Created as the perfect one piece for your wedding on the beach or matched with Red Vanilla for the sweetest bachelorette party on the beach with your friends.

The white swimsuit loved by brides and bridesmaids.