Discover a world of feminine and elegant swimwear, handmade with love and a lot of passion in Italy by expert tailors, with the finest italian fabrics and the most precious 3D embellishments.

Welcome to your Kinda closet.


Our swimwear and bodywear collection is 100% handmade in Italy with extreme care by expert and patient tailors, making each piece a masterpiece.

As a result, our swimsuits are handcrafted feminine and classy one-pieces and bikins, gently embellished by the hands of skilled tailors with the finest italian fabrics.

Our Kinda care. Your Kinda swimwear.


Lace. Chiffon. Tulle.

Luckily, you don’t have to choose, as we use all of them (sometimes together!)

All our pieces are embellished with handmade 3D decorations, crafted by the hands of our patient tailors, from an ancient sewing technique called “fabric manipulation” which allows to give fabrics the third dimension in space.

Alexander McQueen was (and his fashion house still is) the master of this tecnique, just to give you a name!

Enhance femininity through design.
This is our purpose.


Could it be different?

We believe music is the highest form of art and to us it represents an infinite source of inspiration, beyond time and boundaries.

That’s why all of our swimsuits’ names are inspired by the biggest musicians on earth (among which Pink Floyd, Queen, Led Zeppelin) from the vinyls’ collection of Kinda founder and designer Alessandra which, through that, aims to craft timeless creations.

Get ready to fall (and make fall) in love.


We love to get inspired by nature, that’s why we use only matte pastel colors for our bikinis, and elegant shapes to enhance female bodies with delicate and classy embellishments.

Each petal, embroidery or ruffle is designed following nature’s forms and colors just to make (your) beauty stand out as you deserve.

If you can't go around naked, wear a swimsuit.
Or Kinda.